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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Furious with Google

I am utterly incandescent with rage at Google. I heard rumours flying around the Internet that Google actively punishes blogs that include sponsored posts, but assumed they only did it to blogs that contained nothing but sponsored content. I have had this blog for almost five years. I joined a certain sponsored blogging website just one week ago, and have done exactly four sponsored posts. Guess what? The evil dictators at Google have bashed my blog down from a Page Rank of 3 to 0 overnight, on the strength of just four sponsored posts. I am LIVID. I now have ZERO chance of picking up any paid opportunities. How dare they tell me what I can and cannot do with my blog. Apparently, they do this to all blogs, not just Google-owned ones. They are effectively trying to prevent anyone doing business with this website - one of their biggest competitors. Surely this is an illegal practice? Google thinks it owns the ****ing Internet, it really does. It looks like I'll have to give up sponsored blogging just to get my Page Rank back, which is utterly ridiculous.

Oh and BTW, did you notice I've not named the company? That's because Google apparently punishes you if you so much as mention their name. Apart from the post I created using the name in the title, which I can't change or I lose payment, I'm now going to resist mentioning the company's name, and have removed the links to them in my sidebar. Hopefully, I might get my Page Rank back. One week? Can you believe that?


Mike said...

I've never heard of Google page rank. I'm off to find out what it's all about and check out what my rank is.

Ackworth Born said...

having a few blogs, but never seeing them as a potential source of revenue, havefastidiously avoided signing up for Adsense or any other payperclick whatsits. That my sites get regularly found by search engines seems good enough for me.
I always ignore 99.99% of advertising on blogs anyway and sites that are covered with the things I generally avoid returning to.
I came to welcome you to ABC-Wednesday.