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Monday, November 26, 2007

Help save cats from certain death


I have just read a horrendous story in today's Daily Telegraph. Hundreds of cats will soon be crushed to death by diggers at the new Olympic Park site, at Stratford, in East London. The Games' organisers are neglecting them to focus on rescuing a population of newts, according to former supermodel Celia Hammond, who runs animal rescue charity the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. She says the authorities are being “obstructive”, by refusing access to the site for would-be rescuers. To read the full story, click here.

I am utterly aghast that something so inhumane and despicable is about to happen in twenty first century Britain. This is not the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages. Or is it? British politicians were quick enough to raise an outraged clamour about Chinese and Korean people cooking and eating cats and dogs. Yet, they've remained suspiciously silent about the impending slaughter of these innocent creatures, the majority of whom will be tiny kittens and nursing mothers. Could that silence have anything to do with the huge sums of money the government hopes to generate during the Olympics? I'm sorry, but to me, the cats are far more important than pomp, ego and oiling the wheels of capitalism. And no, I'm not a Communist - I just hate to see profit being put before life.

There's a petition on the Celia Hammond Animal Trust's website. Please sign it, to try to save these cats. You don't have to be from the UK. Christmas is coming, which is meant to be a time of peace and humanity, yet these poor kitties are all going to die a hideous death unless something is done to save them.

Sign the petition now!


Dragonstar said...

I've just signed the petition.

Siani said...

Wonderful - thanks! There seem to be about a dozen new names appearing on it every minute. I just want to go up there and grab as many kittens as I can - but the place will be crawling with security.

LadyBanana said...

That's horrendous... I can't believe it can possibly happen..

I'm off to sign that petition right away!

R. Lee said...

thank you for posting this and letting us know. I just signed the petition, and put up links on my blogs. This is so sad and unbelievalbe!

Siani said...

Thanks everyone, for signing, and putting up links. I truly appreciate it. Hopefully, something can be done to save these poor cats. I wish I could do something more to help.