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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye bye, BlogRush

Just got rid of BlogRush, from here and Strange Days. For the whole of November, only 12 BlogRush users clicked on any of my headlines. For the sake of an average six extra reads per blog, per month, it's just not worth the hassle of having those ugly widgets in my sidebars. For Strange Days, especially, it was of no value whatsoever, as BlogRush doesn't have a paranormal category. So my widget was displaying unrelated headlines, and no doubt, my paranormal posts were appearing in the widgets of people who have no interest in such things.

Yes, I know, I'm posting much more than usual today. It's because I'm trying to delay the horrid fate that awaits me. What fate is that? Well, my fridge and food cupboards are pretty bare. I'm hungry. Guess what? There's a howling gale shrieking in off the sea, it's raining cats, dogs and wildebeest, and I have to walk to the bus stop, to get to the supermarket. Plus there's the journey home. Damn. If anyone can suggest a tasty recipe involving flour, herbs, a single stock cube, a hard lump of stale cheese and a sachet of apple and blueberry-flavoured instant porridge, please let me know. I won't have to leave the house, then.


Dragonstar said...

Oh dear, the only food idea I can come up with is dumplings with grated cheese, or cheese fritters. And somehow I don't see the instant porridge as a sauce!

LadyBanana said...

When I did my mass widget clearout last weekend that was one of the widgets in question - I've looked on Google Analytics and I don't see it mentioned even once..

Siani said...

LOL, Dragonstar - I didn't even have enough flour for dumplings. All sorted now, though I braved the elements and Tesco.

Lady Banana - my Analytics barely registered a reference to Blogrush, either. I decided it was a desperately over-hyped waste of space, hence the fact that it's now gone.

Nicholas said...

I'm glad you're posting more than usual!