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Friday, November 30, 2007

Blog annoyances

Does anyone else find BlogCatalog to be a total pain in the butt? It's really irritating me at the moment. Annoying, silly people keep adding me to their friends. By annoying, silly people, I mean web marketers, pornographers, and other people with whom I have nothing in common. Time and time again, I get an email saying something like 'rumpypumpypiddlepants has added you to their friends'. What if I don't want to be that person's friend? It doesn't give me the option to say no. Okay, I don't have to add them to my friends, but because I can't stop them adding me to their friends, my green eyeball is now unwillingly affiliated to some people I wouldn't pee on if they were on fire.

I'll give you an example of what I mean. First, let me just say, I love Indian food, pretty, colorful saris, and Indian silver jewellery. I'm very interested in Indian spirituality. But I have NO interest in Indian porn stars - or any other porn stars. Yet my green eyeball is now apparently the friend of a promoter of Indian porn stars. My green eyeball is being held hostage by a pornographer! Another source of annoyance is the constant broadcasts from certain individuals. I don't mind the occasional broadcast. After all, I'm just an apprentice curmudgeon at the moment, not a fully fledged one. But some BlogCatalog members must post about six or seven broadcasts each every day. Why?

Just now, I came across a really annoying little twerp. I received an email telling me someone, whose name I've already forgotten, had left me a message in my shoutbox. I went to check it, expecting the usual 'come by my website and see the shite I'm peddling'. But no - what do I get? Something to the effect of 'why you have so many blogs? Where you find time to write them all? Why you not make them all into one?' I resisted the urge to reply with 'why you not mind your f*&$ing business? what it to you f&$%-face?' I mean, geez. We have wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and heaven knows how many other places, we have famine, pestilence, crimes of immense evil and Britney Spears, yet all that silly little cyber-louse can worry about is why I have so many blogs. Eff off already, you silly mutant sheep's a-hole! Grrr!!!

(This rant has nothing to do with me being premenstrual - honest!)

P.S. Apologies if this person happens to be a friend of a friend. They got me at a bad moment!


Anonymous said...

You say it so well...
Actually I agree and this is why I dropped BlogCatalog.
I think there are some dubious ones on BlogLog but it hasn't become impossible yet. Apparently certain people 'admire' me but apart from one, they have never spoken to me.
Go figure, as they say.

LadyBanana said...

I also agree with your comment, just today I added a filter in my Gmail so all the c*** from BC doesn't block up my inbox. I'll deal with it when I feel like it.

Also I chose NOT to receive those irritating broadcasts - I don't have enough spare time to spend deleting such twaddle..

Siani said...

Ooh - I didn't realise I could turn those vile broadcasts off - thanks, Lady B. I've now killed the beggars.

Aileni - I find MyBlogLog quite useful for generating traffic, and it doesn't seem to have the same high twit factor as BlogCatalog. Why people keep leaving me messages in foreign languages, I really don't know.