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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stupid rotten spammers

Regular visitors to this blog, and my paranormal blog, will have noticed the addition of contact forms to my sidebars. I set up a new Google account, as I didn't want to associate my main email accounts with this facility. Well, whaddya know. Every single message that has been submitted via the contact forms has been in pidgin English, from a dirty, stinking spammer. One of the messages via the Strange Days contact form began: "the good boy is an author". I felt like replying and saying, "no, dumbass, a good GIRL wrote this, a good girl who has absolutely no need of your fake Viagra, or penis enlargement pills made from glucose". Another message began "brilliant is one this. Done you is well, happy is congrats". That one obviously wasn't selling enough fake Cialis to even afford some decent translation software. The sad thing is, some of these spammers must be making money from their fake drugs, or why else would they persist with their annoying little campaigns?


LadyBanana said...

I had a whole load of those stupid kinda smammy things a few weeks ago, that's why I had to go back to word verification.

I also had a very nasty msg through the plugoo msg thingy - very nasty in fact, this person had no problem with the English language whatsoever!

Some very sad gits in this world...

Siani said...

I HATE spammers with a vengeance. I'm normally against the death penalty, but I'd be happy to see it return for spammers.

Amy said...

Oh, how I can feel your pain. I accidently clicked on one to get rid of it but somehow ended up going to their site and it was so perverse. I couldn't click the X button fast enough. Oh, how that irks me!!