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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strange Days gets loads of hits

I checked my Google Analytics account earlier, expecting the usual sorry dribble of visitors to my paranormal blog, Strange Days. Lo and behold! It has had 147 visitors today. It doesn't normally have that many in a week, as it's only been going for around three weeks. It seems yesterday's article on the Rougham mirage ghost mansion is bringing them in. Although I posted that article less than 24 hours ago, it is listed second in the Google search results for 'Rougham mirage'. How the heck did it get so high up in Google so quickly? Not that I'm complaining. I've now amended my title to include the words 'Rougham mirage' in the hope that will bring in even more readers. So it seems the trick is to write articles about current events, not past ones. You learn something new every day.


Stephen said...

Hello I just wanted to say thank you for those lovely comments you left on my old blog and I love your strains days if you find it hard to understand what I'm saying it because I'm using reading and writing software my mum and dad had to write it for me though never been able to match safe so again thank you for those lovely comments hope you are well.

Aileni said...

That is some score. I think you can trust Analytics. I have given up Matrixstats since using the system because my visits/hits were hyped by server traffic. My little flag widget is fun but the real story is in the Statistics graph.
Blogrush has been a bit strange today - I keep thinking they have given me the boot.