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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm rich!

Well, I exaggerate slightly. I woke up this morning, to find an email in my inbox from my electricity supplier, Swalec. I signed up to paperless billing a while ago, and the email informed me that my new bill was available to view online. So I dutifully checked it out, wondering how much I owed them this time. Boy, did I get a surprise. They recently read my meter - my previous few bills had been estimates. I owe them nothing. In fact, they owe me £175.32. To my US readers, that's around $300. I've argued with them in the past about them overcharging me on my weekly payment scheme, but they have always been adamant that I wasn't being overcharged. Yeah, right.

The online bill said 'we owe you £175.32 and will carry it forward to your next statement'. I don't think so. I want it refunded to me. I'm surprised that I use so little electricity. Then again, I use low energy bulbs all over the house, and my kitchen appliances were all chosen for low energy consumption. When I get my refund, it's going straight into my savings account. I desperately need new furniture, so it will give my furniture fund a nice boost. 'We will carry it over to your next statement', indeed. Mine!


jams o donnell said...

Damn well right Siani. I hate seeing the utility companies acting the no interest deposit account.

LadyBanana said...

I do the same, I pay a monthly fixed fee and when it builds up as credit I ask for it back, that's usually once a year just before Christmas, which is nice :)

Siani said...

I spoke to Swalec and should get my refund in about a week's time. It's going straight into my savings account. They also reviewed my weekly payment plan, and apparently, I use less than £5 per week in electricity. So my weekly payment plan has also been halved. I make weekly deposits into my savings account, so they'll now be boosted by a fiver. Not a lot, I know, but when you're as penniless as I am, and desperate to re-furnish your whole house, it all adds up!