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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Conehead Charlie

Today, I'd like to present a one-off Tiny Tearaway award to little Charlie Thomas of Cullompton, Devon. As he played in a field with his brand new kite, given to him for his birthday the day before, he spotted an orange traffic cone. Or at least, to you and me, it was a traffic cone. To the three-year-old Harry Potter fan, it was a wizard's hat. Quick as a flash, Charlie donned his new headgear, and proudly ran to show his parents. Alas, when they tried to remove his hat, it was firmly stuck on his head.

© Daily Telegraph

45 minutes later, the Fire Brigade arrived. It took thirty minutes of tinkering with pliers, levers, and cutting implements, to free the little fellow. Fortunately, he was unharmed by his ordeal. But I bet it'll be a long time before he'll go trying on any more wizard's hats. Bless him.

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