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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weird Wednesday, pt. 2

Vassiliy Kovalchuk, a 48 year old Ukrainian man was arrested after availing himself of the exhibits at a new museum in Kiev. It was a rather unfortunate action on his part. The museum, which opened last week, is dedicated to the history of the humble lavatory. It is believed to be the only toilet museum in the world.

According to, the museum takes visitors "through the entire history of the modern loo from its earliest beginnings as a hole in the ground to modern-day toilets with all mod-cons". Apparently, there's even a "toilets of the future" section. What are they like, I wonder? Toilets with inbuilt DVD players, to keep you entertained during long stays? Toilets with mechanical hands that wipe your bottom for you?

It seems Mr. Kovalchuk has begrudgingly apologised to museum staff, who have been obliged to post "Not for use" notices on all the exhibits. Ananova quoted him as saying: "I didn't realise they were only to look at when I was caught short. They told me afterwards visitors are supposed to use the public toilets on the street. I told them I want my money back."


jams o donnell said...

They really should have an interactive, bums-on section in that sort of museum!

Siani said...

Ha ha! The bit that amused me, most was when he said he wanted his money back.

Siani said...

Oops - commat in the wrong place! I'm a twerp...