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Saturday, September 01, 2007


I have the StumbleUpon tool bar installed in my Firefox browser, and I've come across all sorts of websites I'd have never seen otherwise. Basically, once the tool bar is installed, you choose your preferred categories from a wide range of subjects, and then simply click the Stumble button, to be taken to a random website. You can even customise it to avoid adult content. Also, with the StumbleUpon too bar installed, you can submit your favourite websites to the database, by clicking the "I like it" button. If the hand symbol on the button turns green after being clicked, it means the site is already listed. Otherwise, a window will open asking you to briefly describe the site and indicate whether it's an adult site or not. StumbleUpon is also available for Internet Explorer, but I found it was causing compatibility problems, so I've stuck with the Firefox version.

I've just come across this rather bizarre site, which made me laugh. I can't believe people sit around thinking these things up, yet alone going so far as to assemble the gear and dress up in it.

I also came across this rather bizarre video. I think it's probably a prank of some kind, but interesting all the same.

Then there's the guy who claims to have cured his arthritis by spraying his knee with WD40. Don't try this at home, kids.

Maybe some of you might like to purchase some Poof. Or perhaps you'd like an energy-saving EMO bulb?

The trouble with the StumbleUpon tool bar is that it's highly addictive. I've wasted heaps of time clicking the Stumble button, when I should be doing other, more important things. You have been warned ...

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