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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rhossili fossils

I paid a visit to Rhossili on Thursday. An old college friend was staying in the area with her family, so I went with them. We had a minor prang en route, just past Stouthall. As the road narrowed, a driver approaching from the direction of Knelston, clipped our wing mirror with his, and both shattered. It was entirely his fault. He was too close and going too fast. Fortunately the wing mirror was the only thing he hit.

After parking in the church car park, we encountered this black cow. I managed to get a few shots, before losing nerve, when it suddenly lunged towards me.

It was very blustery at Rhossili, with a definite autumnal tone to everything. It was chilly, the sky was very moody, and the cliffs and Rhossili Down are starting to develop their ruddy autumn colours.

We only went as far as the Coastwatch lookout hut, overlooking Worm's Head. My friend's little girl wasn't too happy about the cold, blustery conditions, so we headed back to the village. Along the way, we spotted some fossils in the dry stone wall. I have to admit, I would never have noticed, had I been by myself. I must have walked past hundreds of times, utterly oblivious to them.

After a welcome hot drink in the Worm's Head Hotel, we headed back. The weather was far more clement back in town, and we took a nice, evening stroll along Swansea beach, in warm sunshine.

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