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Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Port Eynon pics

Saturday dawned in a very unpromising way, but the early morning murkiness soon lifted. I downed a couple of travel sickness pills with my breakfast, waited for them to kick in, and headed off to catch a Gower-bound bus. I changed buses at Killay, and headed for Port Eynon, a place I avoid at the height of summer.

When I arrived, although there was enough activity to give the place a bit of a buzz, it wasn't overrun. I was lucky enough to arrive at low tide, so there was a constant stream of tractors and 4x4s across the beach, all towing boats.

How anyone can claim sand dredging is not harming this beach, beats me. Look at it - I can remember Port Eynon, even 20 years ago, with far greater sand coverage than this.

Many people headed for the water's edge, where a gentle breeze turned what would have been an unpleasant scorcher of a day, into a real beauty.

These buoys, usually seen bobbing on the sea, lay on the beach, awaiting the tide's return.

There were jet skis aplenty. I've never been this close to one before, and didn't realise they were so big.

This poor old starfish wasn't having much fun in the sun, though.

The dog in these next shots was having a fantastic time. As I had a brief chat with his owner, and her baby son, who clearly regarded me as a cross between Myra Hindley and Godzilla, the dog came bounding to greet me, and showered me with sea water.

Port Eynon beach transforms itself into a giant mirror on a sunny day, when the tide's out.

There was plenty of activity at the Horton end of the bay, too.

This Weimeraner scared me a little when I first saw it. But it passed me without so much as a sniff or a glance.

It was almost time for me to start heading back to the bus stop, to catch the Rhossili bus. So I zoomed in on the reflections and patterns in the sand, for my parting shots.

I needn't have hurried back - the Rhossili bus was twenty minutes late. But, as ever, it was worth the wait, as the next post will show.


Anonymous said...

I never saw Port Eynon as busy as this.
Was the video of Turnstones here?

Siani said...

Port Eynon gets very busy on a sunny day, even in winter. So much so that the Captain's Table cafe tends to open even in mid-winter, if the weather's good. Summer is sheer hell there, unless you get down on to the beach at the crack of dawn. I shot the video of the waders on Swansea beach, somewhere around the area of the Patti Pavilion and the old Slip Bridge.