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Monday, September 17, 2007

Memes and themes

I have a thing for memes and themes at the moment. I'm even thinking about renaming this blog Memes 'n Themes. Well, they do say a blog should have a theme, and what better theme than themes? And memes, of course. And it seems like fate that they rhyme.

So I'm joining some new memes this week, and I hope regular readers don't mind too much. I'll still have my own themes, pics, etc. But I've decided to slant this blog away from anything too personal. After all, who the heck gives a narwhal's nipple what I had for breakfast? Or what my cat puked up on the bath rug? Or what the bus driver's auntie's granny's nephew's mother-in-law's cousin three times removed and living in Bangor, had to say to me on the bus back from town? Yeah, that's right - no-one! Do narhwals even have nipples? Come to think of it, what the heck's a narwhal?

Anyway, back to memes and themes - if you find them off-putting, let me know. I initially started looking into them as a way of generating traffic for this sorry place. But since starting off my own themes [some of which could become memes if a few of you choose to play along!) and joining my first meme, Photo Hunt - I'm really enjoying it all. My blog has a new lease of life, and so do I! My latest meme is Manic Monday, not to be confused with my own Monday theme called Music Monday.

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