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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cannibalism in my kitchen

No, don't worry, I've not taken to eating my neighbours' kids, or anything vile like that. I know I'm in dire need of a good spring (or autumn) clean, but this really is something else. This morning, I saw a great big spider on my kitchen ceiling. I planned on catching it in a glass, and depositing it outdoors, the moment it came within reach. Alas, I didn't spot a second spider lurking. I just went into the kitchen and found that a skinny, spindly little spider has captured the great big one, killing it stone dead, and is now in the process of eating it.

Are times really that hard in Spiderland that they have to eat each other? I used to like spiders. Not any more.


Teena said...

Ewww! :)

jams o donnell said...

Ah it shouldn't be long before it's fence to fence cobweb out in the garden. I like watching the spiders doing what spiders do, even if it isn't much most of the time. I haven't seen any crab spiders for a while.

Rach said...

eeeewwww I hate spiders! any in my house get sucked up by the hoover!

Siani said...

I had to duck under a huge web in my garden the other day, Shaunie. It was a wall to wall one, full of dead bugs, with lots of medium-sized, stripy spiders in it.

Teena and Rach - I never used to understand people who disliked spiders - until now. As far as I'm concerned, my cats can now eat as many of the hairy little Hannibal Lecters as they like.