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Sunday, August 05, 2007

So, I got it wrong

In a recent post, I expressed a little rancour that The Times failed to post a comment I made, pointing out their sloppy research. Well, it seems I was a little impatient. They have subsequently published my comment, and censored none of its bitchy tone. You can read the article and comment here.


Jeremy said...

Looking at the Times article you linked to, they seem to say: "Swansea is set in the County of Swansea, which includes the unspoilt Gower Peninsula". Isn`t that correct?

Siani said...

That's what it says now, yes. But until I pointed out the errors of their ways, it stated that Swansea was part of Gower. Yay! I kicked a Times journalist's ass! Excuse my vile smugness ...