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Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm entitled to my opinion!

Okay, this is getting silly. I've rejected half a dozen comments from die-hard fans of the Heart of Wales line, who have taken exception to my earlier post. I didn't realise I had that many readers to be causing so much upset. Upset or no upset, what I wrote is my own personal opinion, something I have the right to express on my own personal weblog. I can't help I think the Heart of Wales line is an over-hyped heap of doggy-doo. I genuinely saw nothing special about it, apart from the fox and the little egret near Pontarddulais. Maybe it's because I grew up in darkest rural Wales that it failed to impress me. Maybe I'm just used to what it has to offer. And maybe it looks better in winter, when the miles upon miles of dense forestry has shed its leaves, I don't know. All I do know, is that I'm not going to pretend I liked something when I didn't, just to keep other people happy. So there you have it. If anyone has a problem with what they read here, feel free to surf away.

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