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Monday, August 13, 2007

Another train ticket rip-off

A direct return ticket between Swansea and Hereford is £31.40. But if you use my trick of getting separate tickets for each leg of the journey, you could save £11.80 on the cost of a return. Just get a £4.90 return between Swansea and Cardiff, then a day return between Cardiff and Hereford for £14.70, and you'll pay only £19.60. It amazes me that such huge savings can be made, just for the sake of a little bit of inconvenience. And if you buy your tickets online in advance, and have them delivered to you at home, you don't even have to get off the train to buy your next ticket. I feel like some kind of crazed railway campaigner at the moment.


Aileni said...

re my email: I looked it up on Wiki - the ASBO generation, etc.
Hasn't arrived here.

Siani said...

Chavs? Lucky you. I hate the annoying little twerps. They're EVERYWHERE in the UK.