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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Unexpected day in Swansea Bay

Popped down the road to the vet's late this morning, to pick up a few pouches of my cat's prescription diet, and didn't get home until five hours later. Ended up retracing old steps from 20 years ago along streets in Brynmill, that I haven't been along for decades. Then, it was on to the sea front, where I got muddled up in loads of already drunk kids heading for that infernal racket in Singleton Park. Then I wandered along the beach, as far as the Observatory, bought some lunch in Sainsbury's, visited SA1, and walked along the river. Then I walked around the Marina for a while, from where I took a short cut through the National Waterfront Museum. I intended to head up towards St. Mary's church, from where I could get a bus home. But as I exited the museum at the other side, I discovered the Earth from the Air exhibition, and had to have an extensive nose. Anyway, I took lots of pics, and shot a few videos, too, including loads of shots and footage of a family of swans I discovered near the Tawe Barrage. Once I've edited and uploaded the pics, and got the videos uploaded to YouTube, I'll post everything. It'll be separated into several posts, as I've got 126 pics and videos, with hardly a real stinker amongst them, which is unusual for me. So lots of work ahead ...

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