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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So, I bought a day ticket... (Part 1)

Had a pleasant, if somewhat tiring day yesterday. Liberty, my cat, had a 09.45 appointment at the PDSA, for her monthly jab, plus I needed to collect her Fortekor pills and some Stronghold flea treatment. Thanks to public transport issues, I had to leave the house at 08.15, after an almighty tussle to catch the cat. She had somehow realised it was PDSA day, and had tucked herself away in an inaccessible spot, behind some heavy bedroom furniture. However, I wafted some tuna under her nose, which she found irresistible, so I caught her.

The PDSA trip went like clockwork. Managed to get the 145 bus, which stops almost at the end of Viking Way, so no long trek from Tesco Llansamlet. We were early, and the vet saw us by 09.35. After waiting for the medication, I realised there was a bus due at Tesco in about ten minutes. There was no way I was waiting for the next 145, due at 10.35. I didn't expect to make it for the 09.55 159 back to town, but set off down the hill at a pace I couldn't have managed a year ago, cursing the weight of the cat in her steel cage. I arrived at the bus stop out of breath, looking like a right sweaty Betty, with my arms and back aching like holy buggery. Although the clock on my mobile said I was too late for the bus, there were several people waiting. Before I could put the cat cage on the ground to rest my arms, the bus appeared around the corner. I hopped on, and it got me back in time to catch the bus that stops right by my back gate. I was home by about 10.45, with a day ticket burning a hole in my pocket. You can guess what I did next...

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