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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another history blog dilemma

Well, dilemma may be too dramatic a word. I'm trying to decide whether the Swansea part of A History of Swansea and Gower should focus simply on the city itself, or the wider City and County of Swansea area. I'm tempted to apply the wider interpretation, as I could then bring in such landmark events in Welsh history as the Rebecca Riots, but with a local flavour. Any ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc?

Although it'll take a long time to get this project up and running properly, especially at the rate I'm going, I'd like to make a real go of it. Trying to find online historical materials relating to Swansea and Gower, is a complete nightmare. There seems to be a lot of pictorial evidence, thanks to valuable sites like Swansea Heritage Net and Gathering the Jewels, but no dedicated website. Articles and anecdotal evidence seem to be scattered around all over the place, on all manner of different websites. You'd think someone, somewhere, e.g. the university's history department, or the local council, would have made some effort to produce a comprehensive, online, local history resource.


jams o donnell said...

Odd they haven't Siani. I suppose the definitive work would be the Victoria COunty History covering Swansea and that is not online

Siani said...

Victoria County History does have a website, but alas, it covers English history only, not Welsh. It looks like I just need to keep digging.

jams o donnell said...

Doh I didnt realise that!