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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who stole the sun?

So, where's the sun gone? It's been with us for so long this month, I'd forgotten such things as rain and murkiness existed. It looks like we're stuck with this poop for Monday and Tuesday as well. But, if the BBC five-day forecast for Swansea can be trusted, the sunshine will be back with us for Wednesday and Thursday. Hurrah!

I've made no progress at all on the Swansea Borough Police article for my A History of Swansea blog. I'm currently cooking a very late Sunday dinner, and once that's eaten and the resulting mess cleaned up, it'll be time to clear the kitchen before the arrival of the painters, tomorrow. However, as I had a humongous lie-in today, I can't see me crashing early tonight, so I may have a chance to get started on it. I may also need permission from South Wales police to use an image I found on their Museum web page. But as my blog is a non-profit venture, with an educational aspect, I may be able to include the image in my post, under fair usage principles, as long as I credit the original copyright holder. In fact, I think that's what I'll do. It's not as if I'll be stealing a private individual's work, claiming it as my own and profiting from it, something which has happened to myself, and fellow Swansea blogger, Chris Elphick.

Anyway, time to attend to that roast. I doubt I'll be able to persuade anyone to eat pork flambé à la Siani ...

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