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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gardening and welshcakes

I've been slightly bitten by the gardening bug again. I  largely abandoned my garden, apart from yanking out the odd weed or two, as a result of my health problems. To make matters even worse, the garden had fallen into a severe state of disrepair and dilapidation.

I persuaded Swansea Housing Association to replace their crappy chicken wire fence that had fallen down, with a nice wooden one. I also begged them for help in bringing the veritable jungle of bindweed and brambles under control, as I have neither the financial means, nor the physical strength and fitness, to deal with such prolific and invasive horrors. So, the Housing put a weed-suppressing membrane down, and covered it with yellow stones. So far, so good.

However, the patio by my back door had also become a hideous mess. An old shed, left by a former tenant, had rotted, its door was hanging off, and the roof was also crumbling. A mini greenhouse was also in a similar state, as was my garden bench. Recently, I asked the Housing if all that decaying clutter could be shifted, and they obliged. So I've been left with a blank canvas.

Although I'd love to have masses of tubs and baskets, apart from the cost involved, it would simply be too much work for me. I just could not cope with all the compost-lugging, and hauling of heavy watering cans. So I've decided to concentrate on growing a few herbs on my patio, and when money and health allow, I'll buy a few ground cover plants, cut holes in the membrane of the main garden, and pop them in.

After visiting the vet in the Uplands this morning, to buy some renal diet for my cat, I walked into town. It's such a luxury for me to be able to walk, unaided, further than the end of my street. There's a lot to be said for weight loss and Tramadol. Anyway, I wandered around the market for a while, looking for herb plants, but the only ones I saw were small and sickly looking. So I headed for Homebase, once again on foot, still feeling pretty good. When I got there, I was pleased to discover large pots of herbs for sale for £2.99 each, or two for a fiver. So I grabbed a pot each of garden mint and rosemary. I was also very tempted by some standard rosemary bushes [i.e. ones trained into a shape a bit like a standard rose], which were two for a tenner, but decided I couldn't justify the expenditure, given my penchant for murdering green things.

I was about to walk back to town, when I spotted a little red Pullman's bus approaching the bus stop at Parc Tawe, so I hopped aboard. Next stop was Wilkinson, where I bought a couple of clay planters, to match the ones I already have, some parsley and chive seeds, and one or two items of groceries. Wilkinson has to be one of my favourite shops ever. I'm now eyeing up their solar lights, especially the rock-shaped lights, as they'd be ideal for lighting up my garden steps during dark nights. I know they don't give off a very strong light, but it would be enough to avert falls.

Anyway, I'm waffling now. Before I go, a little note to the cheeky twerp who keeps leaving comments about how boring my blog is:

Dear Imbecile,

My apologies for boring you with my blog, and added apologies for writing it in such a manner, that no matter how bored you claim to be, you find yourself compelled to read each and every post. Please accept my sincerest sympathy in respect of your tragic circumstances. i.e. your life is so empty that you have nothing more to do with your time, than read "boring" blogs and write comments you must realise by now will never, ever be published. You see, what you fail to understand, is that my "boring" blog is as much for me, probably more so, as it is for any audience. It will allow me to look back, in years to come, at what I was doing now, or three months, or three years ago. So if you don't like it, bugger off and be bored elsewhere!

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