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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feeling grotty. Took the cat to the PDSA on Thursday. Don't know why, but the last few times I've been up there, I've picked up some kind of bug. Last time, it was a hideous flu bug. This time, I had a tummy bug. Oh well, it seems to have gone today.

Been meaning to head to Gower for days, but apart from poor health, a couple of other things have deterred me. First of all, and this is a VERY big reason, in my eyes, I simply couldn't find my battery charger anywhere. Two of my camera's batteries were still in it, and the other two camera batteries were utterly dead. Secondly, despite it remaining fairly dry on the whole, it's been very cold and windy, not to mention misty. Hardly conducive to photography, especially as my tiny little camera shakes really badly in blustery conditions.

On the battery charger front, there's good and bad news. I found it last night. Now, I've no idea where I put it. I think I'm either going insane or prematurely senile. I MUST get out somewhere soon. I still keep meaning to go to Margam Park and chase a few deer around with my lens. Let's hope this horrid, windy weather calms down soon. I might go to Margam Park one morning, then head off to Porthcawl or somewhere, anywhere, just so long as I can get some fresh air and a few new pics.

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