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Monday, March 05, 2007

Council tax to go up by 50,000%

The council have announced a £1 billion transformation of Swansea city centre and the seafront. I don't have time to detail these plans, but you can check them out here. I have just one question. Where is the money coming from?

Actually, I also have another couple of questions. Just what the heck is an urban boulevard? And does Swansea really need one? This all sounds like utter bullsh*t to me. Yes, Swansea needs developing, but this is Wales, for pity's sake, not Paris or Los Angeles. Boulevard, my arse. I can see it now, lined with fancy street furniture, as it becomes the next public space colonised by our city's drunks, and overrun by local yobs on pushbikes. Oh what joy!

Before the council starts making high-falootin' plans, it needs to get a sense of perspective. When this silly boulevard is in place, it may give locals and visitors a lovely view of the bay, but what do they see when they look behind them? Townhill. I arrest my case. The money would be better spent revamping the Hill and our other estates, making life better for the people who live there, rather than wasting money on pretentious twaddle. There, I've said my piece, I know my views won't be popular, but there you go.

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