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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Attempted murder of a laptop

Oh hell. It's definitely the silly season. I was chatting to my friend Carlos last night, on MSN Messenger, when my laptop almost slid off my lap. I reached out to save it, forgetting I had a full glass of Martini in my hand. So, I managed to slop my drink all over my laptop. I quickly turned it upside down, to let most of the liquid run out, and then turned it off, and swabbed underneath the keys with a cotton wool pad. It seems okay. I don't think anything got past the keyboard into the internal hardware. Everything seems to work this morning. I had a few sticky keys, but a bit of gentle cleaning with baby wipes seems to have cleaned them up quite well, apart from one or two that need another going over.

Most of the remedial work on the flat, after the boiler fiasco, has been carried out. Just waiting for some decorators now, to make good the ceiling and wall, and then it's up to me to start sloshing paint around. Then, in the New Year, there'll be more workmen coming in, this time to retile the kitchen floor. Plus a post-Christmas visit to B&Q is on the cards, to get some nice tiles for the bathroom floor. And some tile paint to eradicate the vile peach wall tiles left by a previous occupant. As they say, 'it's all go'...

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