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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another gorgeous Swansea Bay sunrise

I spotted another gorgeous sunrise over the docks this morning. I nearly froze my boobies off clambering up on the windowsill to snap it, but managed to get a couple of nice pics.

I normally give my blog pics a good Photoshopping before posting. Today, I got as far as editing the first one, and decided to leave the rest au naturel, apart from a bit of cropping, resizing and compressing.

Just waiting for someone from the housing association to service my gas appliances and sort out a plopping hot tank, and then I'm off out, even if it does look like rain. I'm hoping to pick up a cheap carpet remnant for my kitchen/diner. I only need a small piece about 10ft by 10 ft, because the main part of the kitchen is tiled. Then, I might whip out my paint brushes and finally finish off the painting I started about three years ago, which was halted when my health problems kicked in.

There's not much cash to chuck around, but as I'm the one with time on my hands, and I actually feel half human these days, I may as well try to spruce the place up a bit. Trouble is, even though it doesn't look as if it will last, the sun's out, and my camera batteries are charged. I should go over to B&Q, but for some reason, Langland Bay is calling. Nah, B&Q it is, I've taken my pics for today ...

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