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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Swansea Bay sunrise

I was lucky enough to be awake yesterday morning for a glorious sunrise over a very stormy-looking bay.

It was an unusual sunrise, made so by the large number of gathering storm clouds. Generally at sunrise, the westward sky, looking towards Mumbles, remains fairly sombre, with the rising sun's light show being confined to the easterly sky, towards the docks and Port Talbot. But there were plenty of low-lyig clouds to the west yesterday, to reflect the sun's emerging glow.

Looking south-east, towards Porthcawl and the Somerset coast, I was amazed by a large weather front I could see moving slowly west. If you click to enlarge any image showing the huge cloud visible in the next pic, you'll see it depositing several rain showers on south-east Wales and Somerset.

I doubt I could ever be a studio photographer. It's just too restricted and contrived a medium for me to get any enjoyment from. With the natural world, you never know what it's going to throw at you, unlike portrait phoography, where the most excitement you can expect is a bawling baby or someone having a sudden sneezing fit.

As much as I enjoy the visual, atmospheric effects of storm clouds, I hope they head off elsewhere soon. I'm itching to get out and about with my camera. Cold I can tolerate, but the combination of wind and rain is hateful, and I refuse to venture out in such conditions.

Alas, I've just checked the five day forecast. I don't think I'll be heading anywhere this week - unless the forecast changes. Ugh.

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