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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Firework fury

Well, it's more a fed up-ness than a fury, relating to my neighbours' lack of manners. They're holding a fireworks party in their back garden. I don't resent them having a banger bash for their kids. What I do resent is that it's November 4th, not November 5th, and my poor cat, Leo, was outside when it began. He tried to smash through the locked and sealed cat flap when it started [the cat flap's permanently sealed as he brought in live prey a few times]. Luckily, he didn't hurt himself, and he's now safely indoors, hiding under my coat, which he somehow managed to drag onto the floor in the hallway.

If people are going to have their Bonfire Night parties early, the least they can do is let their pet-owning neighbours know. It's inconsiderate and selfish of them not to. I would have kept him in, if I'd received advance notice. Better still, why the heck don't they either attend the St. Helens' display, or find one of the city's many vantage points, from which they can watch free of charge?

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