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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fire in the sky

I spotted a rather nice sunrise from my living room window this morning. Alas, when I clambered up on my windowsill to take some pics, I bashed my left elbow really badly. So I now have two sore elbows, instead of just the one I injured on Friday. Oh joy.

Sadly, within a minute or two of me getting the camera out, the sunrise began to fade to a rather wishy washy effort.

Within less than five minutes of me spotting it, it had diminished to this rather insipid affair.

Just as well, really - my elbow was aching so much by that time, I felt quite sick. Oh how I suffer for this blog. I'm going back to bed now. My elbow's killing me, and I refuse to be awake so early on a Sunday.

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