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Friday, September 01, 2006

Veggie Bovril fans - BEWARE!

Two years ago, I was still a strict veggie. I discovered that Bovril had become vegetarian, so I started using it. I assumed the veggie move was to capture a wider market. It turns out it was to do with a ban on beef exports, which was recently lifted. I've just come across this article in today's Mirror. Bovril will soon contain beef again.

So veggie Bovril fans need to keep checking the labels. Once the beef version hits the shops again, there will be no veggie version of Bovril available. As an ex-veggie who was reluctantly forced into carnivorous behaviour by health issues, it worries me that some veggies may be caught out by this switch, and inadvertently eat meat. Let's hope the manufacturers decide to place some kind of prominent warning on the product label.

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