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Friday, September 14, 2007

That Friday Feline

Today, I'd like to present this amazing footage. Don't worry as the lion approaches the men. Despite its size and fearful nature, it means them no harm. They raised it as a cub, and then released it into the wild, when it was big enough. They returned a year later, to see how it was getting on. Not only did it recognise them, but it also showed them genuine affection. Equally amazing is that a member of the same pride also approaches the men. This second lion has never known humans, yet allows itself to be stroked, and also, shows no hostility. Amazing or what?

To round off That Friday Feline for this week, here's a video dedicated to young Conor Elphick, who enjoyed last week's sleeping kitten video.


jams o donnell said...

The lion footage was amazing but I wouldnt want a play bit off her! I loved the tortoise and the cat it was obviously driving the cat to distraction.

ConorChooBlue said...

Thank you for the video.

Siani said...

Shaunie, I'd be terrified if a lion got that close to me, however affectionate it was. Amazing though, to see such a powerful and fearsome beast acting just like a domestic moggy.

Siani said...

Conor - you're very welcome :).