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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get well soon, Chris & Stella

Just read on Chris's blog, that he and wife Stella are both unwell with a bug that's doing the rounds - hope you both get better soon. Chris, if you're out there, I would have left the message on your blog, but I can't, because I switched to Blogger Beta and can't use my new sign-up details on a non-Beta blog, and you, for good reasons we both understand, don't allow anonymous comments. Blogger say they're fixing this soon - but I know "soon" in their language can be months. Buggers.

I SOOOOOOOO regret switching to stupid Beta.


Stella said...

Thanks for your 'get well soon' message. September illnesses are inevitable when you work in a school, unfortunately :-( Glad to see you have been making the most of the glorious weather we've had recently. We haven't been to Gower for a while now, what with our illnesses, back to work mode and our car being poorly too. We can't afford to take it to the garage yet, so until then, it's chugging like a tractor!

chris e said...

Looks like Con is getting the cold now too - poor boy