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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Next port of call was the charming little seaside village of Llangrannog. Unlike Gower, parts of which have been assaulted by some of the ugliest modern architecture I've ever seen, there wasn't a single modern house to be seen along the steep walk down to the beach. I wish I knew who had given planning permission for some of the hideous modern structures that have sprung up on Gower. They deserve horse-whipping!

Llangrannog's bay is dominated by this huge rock, called Carreg Bica. It has an interesting legend attached. Apparently, many eons ago, a giant named Bica stood on the cliffs above the bay, whilst suffering a raging toothache. In desperation, he tore the tooth out, and hurled it into the bay, where it has remained to this day, in the form of Carreg Bica. In reality, it's a chunk of Orcividian rock, and a large piece of it detached and fell into the sea, sometime in fairly recent years.

As you can see, the bay is popular for all sorts of activities, sunbathing, beachcombing, surfing and swimming being just a few options.

It's a tranquil bay, and pretty safe for bathing and swimming. There's another, hidden cove just around the corner from Carreg Bica, but I didn't go to check it out, because Grumpy Chops had gone there for a swim, and I didn't feel like another squabble.

There have been sightings of Orca [killer] whales in the bay in recent years - 2004, I believe, as well as occasional visits from leatherback turtles. More frequent visitors incluse bottle-nosed dolphins and porpoises, which come in quite close to shore. Alas, I saw none of these creatures - too many people around, I guess.

I was tempted to go and explore this cave, but it meant walking in the direction of Carreg Bica, and Grumpy Chops, so I stayed at the opposite side of the beach.

Feeling a little bored with standing in the same spot, I turned my attention to the flora and fauna. I had wanted to explore a nearby rockpool, but a large family group beat me to it. By the tme they would have finished poking around with sticks and fishing nets, anything of interest would probably have gone into hiding for the rest of the day. So I had to make do with a few daisies and a seagull.

I guess I went a little overboard in photographing Carreg Bica, but it really is a striking sight when viewed for the first time.

I decided to explore some of the facilities on the foreshore. For a small little seaside village, the facilities were pretty good. There was a welcome absence of amusement arcades and bucket and spade shops, but plenty of places for refreshments, as well as a well-stocked village shop, which apparently remains open all year, not just for tourists.

Despite the lengthening shadows, I decided to try to get a decent shot of this bright, cheerful little quayside, with its boats and kayaks. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but it gives you an idea of the scene. I then tried to get all arty farty, with the shot below it, but that didn't really work, either. Hi-ho...

I then turned my attention to this rocky outcrop on the cliff, which kind of reminded me of a rhinoceros face. Then I became utterly fixated on Carreg Bica and the bay again. Sorry! You must be sick of the sight of Carreg Bica by now.

I took one last shot of Llangrannog, as I spotted Grumpy Geezer approaching.

As we headed away from Llangrannog, I decided to do some drive-by shooting via the car's windscreen, although I hasten to add, my only weapon was a camera lens. This activity was especially satisfying, as I knew it annoyed the hell out of my cousin, with whom I'd by now virtually reached the end of my tether.

Shortly after this last pic was taken, Grumpy spotted a turn-off to one of his old childhood haunts, Penbryn, a nice, undeveloped little bay.


The Pig's Lip said...

Amber was well pleased with this post - she loves Llangrannog, having gone there on a scool trip rectently.

Siani said...

Glad she enjoyed it. I really liked Llangrannog, too, and hope to return there with a happier companion, sometime soon.