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Friday, July 21, 2006

Waiting and backing up

My replacement laptop arrives tomorrow. Still stunned at the excellent level of customer service from Acer. I thought I'd have to beg and wheedle just to get a repair done, but when they said they'd replace the whole laptop, I was gob-smacked. Then again, I don't expect a keyboard to fail after just 15 days' use. If it happens again, I'll demand a refund. I'm sure it's just bad luck, though - Acer have a pretty good reputation. Just had to back up loads of stuff onto CDs, but it took less than twenty minutes to organise and burn the data. I've checked the discs and the data seems good, so here's hoping.

Came across a strange tale, on the BBC Wales news site, of a wood in Pembrokeshire, where soft toys keep mysteriously appearing by the dozen, including one of Tweety Pie clutching a machine gun - check out the pics here. Oh well, I'm aiming for an early-ish night tonight, as Comet will be arriving any time from 8 am tomorrow, and I have to pack this laptop up and wave it bye bye. Here's hoping I don't get woken up at the crack of dawn by the stink of burning car...


The Pig's Lip said...

Hope your lap top arrived this morning. That soft toy story is creepy.

Siani said...

The laptop arrived around 1 pm. Just spent ages reloading all my software, files, settings, etc, and had a nightmare moment when a CD of essential data seemed to be missing, but it eventually turned up.

The soft toy story - I just think it's a student prank, probably some kind of bizarre art project. But yes, you're right - it would definitely creep me out to walk through that wood.