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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stormy Swansea Bay

I came across this interesting article on the BBC News site, about precautions to take during a thunder storm. I thought it rather appropriate advice to pass on, given the recent storms.

On the subject of storms, I looked out of my living room window on Tuesday afternoon, and saw the most eerie glow in the northwesterly sky, out towards North Gower, Llanelli and Pontarddulais. It wasn't quite 3pm, yet the clouds were glowing the way they might at sunset, or if there was a massive wildfire raging somewhere. I could also hear almighty crashes of thunder rolling around in the distance, in the direction of the strange, glowing clouds. I took these pics, but they don't quite show the eerieness of what I witnessed.

Hope these pics look okay - I edited them with the laptop on battery-saving mode, so I have a rather dark screen at the moment.

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