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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Margam Country Park?

It's my birthday in about three weeks' time. As long term health problems make boozing and schmoozing a no-no, I usually try to organise a day out for my birthday. This year, I'm thinking of heading to Margam Country Park. Does anyone know how much of a walk it is from the bus stop at the main entrance, to the house, orangery, visitor centre, etc? There will be elderly people in our party, and I don't want to arrive there only to discover a massive walk ahead, which they may not be able to undertake. I'd be grateful for any info.


Jeremy said...

First of all, congratulations on your 80th birthday!;
I`ve been to Margam a few times on the bus (not for at least a year, though), and I would guess it`s around 500 yards from the bus stop to the castle. Last 100 yards or so is up a small hill. The orangery is a bit before the castle, so avoids the uphill bit (as I recall; I`ve never been to the orangery). See if you can get some photos of the deer.
There is a direct bus from Swansea, which I`m sure you know, but best to avoid the one that goes through the Sandfields Estate, as it takes a bit longer than the more direct one.
Have a good trip!

Siani said...

I feel 80 and older, some days!

Thanks for the Margam info - I believe both the X1 and 224 go past the main gate. Just discovered that there's a narrow gauge railway running from the car park, near the entrance, which takes a scenic tour of the grounds to the castle, so that may be an option for those who need to take it even easier than I do.

The Pig's Lip said...

If you are a child at heart, make sure you catch the fairytale land in Margam park - it is definitely my favourite part of Margam - though the owls are pretty cool too