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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From disgust to delight

I was horrified to hear about last night's arson attack on the Patti Pavilion. Arsonists disturb and disgust me. There is a chance that the attack was carried out by juveniles, who may have simply done it for the hell of it. But I also know that there's a certain breed of arsonist who actually gets sexual gratification from watching the fire they've set take hold. In fact, many serial killers start off with a bit of arson, although the common stereotype is that they torture small animals. Gives me the creeps, it does, to think this sort of person may be walking in our midst.

So as you can imagine, after reading about the fire, my thoughts have been of a somewhat black nature for most of the day. Then, I came across an account in the Evening Post of dolphins spotted off Rhossili. Passengers on a trip with Gower Coast Adventures, were fortunate enough to witness a school of some twenty common dolphins approaching their vessel. These lovely creatures then performed a number of leaps and twirls, which must have been magnificent to witness.

The Post also reports that a number of large jellyfish were washed up on Aberavon Beach. Please take note of the fact that even a dead jellyfish can emit a vicious and sometimes dangerous sting - so don't touch, and keep kids and dogs away from them, if you find any on your local beach.

I hope to have some new pics for you in the next week or so, weather permitting. If I get the chance, I'd like to potter around Caswell Bay, as I haven't been there for about three years. We'll see ....

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