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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Knickers to you, Evening Post

Anyone visited the Evening Post website lately? Ever since their much-vaunted server upgrade over the weekend, anyone trying to read the headlines on their site is now constantly bombarded by pop-up windows, which simply cannot be blocked. Despite having pop-up blockers integrated into both IE6 and Mozilla Firefox, the same annoying window pops up about once every twenty seconds. If I kill it, it just pops up again. If I leave it, extra windows pop up. I even have ad-blocking software incorporated into Firefox. But oh no, the spam fascists on the Evening Post's web design team have decided I must be bombarded with this inane and unwelcome pop-up.

Well, Evening Post, knickers to you. I won't be perusing your website again in a hurry. And don't think your pop-up bombardment will send me hurtling out to buy a hard copy - the paper itself is also stuffed with advertising junk. The Evening Post has often read more like a trashy tabloid in recent years, which is why I stopped buying it in the first place, and switched to reading the streamlined web version. The pop-ups simply add insult to injury. In future, I shall rely on the BBC and IC Wales for my local news. Death to the pop-up and all who sail in her....

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