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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snowy Swansea

It all seems to be melting at the moment. Whenever I stick my head outside, all I can hear are trickly, gurgly, melting sounds. I'm a bit alarmed by all the slush and puddles, because if it freezes again tonight, conditions could become far more treacherous than they are today. Luckily, I went out at the start of the week and stocked up on essentials. Here are a couple of pics I managed to get from a friend's windowsill - a very painful experience. I managed to haul myself up there, but then, couldn't get back down again, so I had to kneel down and slide to the floor, bashing myself as I did so. Never mind, I'll live. Click on the images to see a larger version.


Jeremy said...

That`s one thing I don`t like so much about Swansea: it doesn`t snow enough! Nice to see some today, although a pity it`s melted so quickly. A friend phoned to say it is lying thickly there. Almost enough to make me go back there. Not!
Nice pictures!

Jeremy said...

Sorry, when I said `there`, I meant Merthyr Tydfil! Needs more than some beautiful snow to get me back to that place!

The Pig's Lip said...

Good Pics - I went down Gower when I finished work,hoping to take my first ever Gower snow pics. There was no snow there whatsoever by the time I got there - around half three. Got some snow clouds though.