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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Looks like the horrid virus that's been doing the rounds, has finally come my way. I'm convinced I got it from one of the check-out girls in Tesco - she sneezed into her hand, and then handed me my change with the same hand. I was fine until then, so I shall hate that checkout girl forever more. My throat hurts like hell, as does my left ear, my nose is runny, my head hurts, and everything I eat tastes of nothing. I saw my doctor yesterday, but he gave me nothing for the throat, telling me to take paracetamol. Well, it's ten times worse today, and as my ear hurts too, the doc will be seeing me again before the end of the week.

Had to take the cat for her usual monthly jab up at the PDSA this morning. Really couldn't face the saga of getting there by public transport today. I'd have needed a bus from my house, to town, then from town to Tesco Llansamlet, from where I would have needed to call a taxi. I ended up calling a cab instead, there and back. It cost me well over £15, so I'm skint as well as poorly. Not happy.

Another person who's not happy, is Sienna Miller, poor love [cue heavy sarcasm]. It seems she's fed up of having her photo taken, and is going to march to Downing Street to present a petition to Tony Blair, calling for greater protection for people like herself, from photographers. Grow up, love. You wanted fame. You got it. Everything has a price. Be photographed or be forgotten. I still can't decide if Sienna Miller is a has-been or a never-was. A bit of both, I reckon. Well, she has been Jude Law's girlfriend, but now they've split, I guess people will soon be saying, "poor thing, she never was a star in her own right". Ouch! I know, nasty, but bimbos like her annoy me, and I'm feeling poorly, so I'll be as horrid as I like.


Andrew said...

Get well soon.

Siani said...

Thanks, Andrew - all gone, now.