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Friday, January 20, 2006

End of Archive

All posts prior to this date have been removed. My apologies if you cannot find something you were looking for. They were removed as part of a massive overhaul of this blog. As you can imagine, after almost three years of frequent posting, there was an awful lot of clutter. More than two years' worth of images were missing, after my ISP accidentally deleted them from my web space. They were uploaded to an external server, because in those days, Blogger did not offer image hosting. Also, most of the deleted posts had no comments. Blogger didn't have its own comments facility when those posts were created. My comments were hosted externally. As soon as Blogger introduced its own comments, I ditched the external comments facility, but lost the comments, as there was no way to import them into Blogger, other than spending hours manually copying, pasting and posting them. It simply wasn't worth the effort.

I've also removed posts which I felt were unnecessary, irrelevant, or simply contained out of date information. This part of the clean-up is ongoing.

Once again, my apologies if something you were looking for has gone. Please feel free to browse the rest of my archives.

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